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Artists Line offers innovative paint accessories for artists and painters

Artists Line is proud to present the Brush Line, the only brush holder of its kind on the market.
The Brush Line’s purpose: easy access to your brushes while preserving their quality.

There are two versions, a table stand and canvas attachment.

Their uniqueness is demonstrated in a few ways:

  • Brushes are positioned in a way that will not disturb the artist’s concentration while painting. The Brush Line provides a fluid and effortless way to select, change, and store your brushes.
  • Preserves the brush’s shape and prolongs their lives by positioning them with their bristles down. This, in turn, prevents the paint and the paint medium from flowing into the ferrule resulting in easier cleaning as well.
  • Keeps the brushes evenly separated on a simple wave of stainless steel wire, which helps retain a clean and organized work-space while adding practicality and elegance to your studio.

paint palette paint brush hanger Artists Line